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SEARCHING: The images in the Donnelly-Austin website are organized by location beginning with the country or state and then by a place name, area description, park, or county. Country or state are designated by the first two letters in the image title, place in the second two letters, followed by a sequence number. Letters D or A are for Donnelly or Austin.

We have listed our main locations here to help visitors locate pictures of areas they are intersted in finding. Scroll down the page to the Country or State to see a list of general locations for that area.

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International Locations

Bora Bora, French Polynesia
FPBB Bora Bora, French Polynesia

ATBF Banff National Park
ATJA Jasper National Park

British Columbia
BCNP Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Park, BC Fisgard Island Lighthouse on Vancouver Island
BCPP Locations within BC Provincial Parks
BCVI Victoria
BCVN Vancouver
BCYO Yoho National Park

Nova Scotia
NSHA Halifax County/ including Peggy's cove
NSLN Lunenburg
NSQU Queens County

ONPK Locations within Ontario National Parks
ONPP Locations within Ontario Provincial Park

Caribbean/ Antigua
CIAG Antigua British West Indies
CIAN Antigua, West Indies

IRCK Locations within County Cork
IRCL Locations within County Clare
IRGY Locations within County Galway
IRKK Locations within County Kilkenny
IRKY Locations within County Kerry
IRLK Locations within County Limerick
IRMO Locations within County Mayo
IROF Locations witin County Offaly
IRTY Locations within County Tipperary
IRWW Locations within County Wicklow

ITFY Florence
ITGR Southern Tuscany
ITLU Lucca
ITMA Tuscany: Val di Chiana
ITSI Tuscany: Val d'Orcia

JAHO Hokkaido
JAKY Kyoto
JANA Nagano Prefecture
JASO Sapporo

MXNY Nayarit

United States Locations
AZGC Grand Canyon National Park
AZHI Arizona History: San Xavier Reservation
AZOP Organ Pipe National Park
AZTO Tonto National Forest

ARBR Buffalo National River
ARHS Hot Springs National Park
AROZ Ozark National Forest
ARRU Locations in Arkansas rural areas: Hobbs Wildlife Management Area
ARSP Locations within Arizona State Parks

CAAB Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
CADV Death Valley National Park
CAES Inyo National Forest
CAGG Golden Gate National Recreation Area
CAJT Joshua Tree National Monument
CAKC Kings Canyon National Park
CALS Lassen Volcanic National Park

Californian Missions including: Mission San Antonio De Padua, Mission San Juan Bautista, Mission Basilica, Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo Carmel,

CAMW Muir Woods National Monument
CAPL Point Lobos State Reserve
CAPN Pinnacles National Monument
CAPR Point Reyes National Seashore
CARU Locations in California rural areas
CARW Redwood National Park
CARZ Carrizo Plain National Mounment
CASC Locations along California seacoast
CASP Locations within California State Parks
CASQ Sequioia National Park
CAYO Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest

COCM Colorado National Monument
CODN Denver
COGG Garden of the Gods State Park
COGN Gunnison National Forest
COGT Ghost Towns in Colorado: Animas Forks ghost town in the San Juan Mountains
COMV Mesa Verde National Park
CORM Rocky Mountain National Park
CORU Locations in Colorado rural areas
COSD Great Sand Dunes National Park
COSI San Isabel National Forest
COSJ San Juan Mountains
COUM Uncompaghre National Forest
COWR White River National Park

CTSC Locations along Connecticut seacoast

Washington DC
DCCA Washington DC - Capitol Mall
DCNA Washington DC - U.S. National Arboretum

FLAC Florida Atlantic Coast
FLEG Everglades National Park
FLGC Florida Gulf Coast

GANF Chattahoochee National Forest
GANP Fort Pulaski National Monument
GASA Savanna
GASC Georgia seacoast

GASP Locations within Georgia State Parks

HIKA Kauai
HINP Haleakala National Park

IDCW Clearwater National Forest
IDRU Locations in Idaho rural areas
IDSP Locations within Idaho State Parks
IDST Sawtooth National Recreation Area
IDTG Targee National Forest

ILBU Bureau County
ILHL Horseshoe Lake Conservation Area
ILHS State Historic Sites of Illinois
ILLS LaSalle County
ILMS Matthiessen State Park
ILRU Locaction in Illinois rural areas
ILSH Shawnee National Forest
ILSP Locations within Illinois State Parks
ILSR Starved Rock State Park

INBR Brown County
INRU Parke County
INSP Locations within Indiana State Parks
IANP Effigy Mounds National Monument
IARU Locations in Indiana rural areas

KYDB Daniel Boone National Forest
KYHS State Historic sites of Kentuky: Pleasant Hill
KYNP National Parks in Kentucky: Cumberland Gap National Historic Park
KYSP Locations within Kentucky State Parks

MEAC Acadia National Park
MESC Maine seacoast
unty, Cumberland County
MESP Locations within Maine State Parks

MDAN Anteitam National Battlefield

MACA Gloucester, Cape Ann
MACC Cape Cod National Seashore

MIHI Hiawatha National Forest
MILH Michigan along Lake Huron
MILM Michigan along Lake Michigan
MILS Michigan along Lake Superior
MIPR Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
MIRU Locations in Michigan rural areas
MISD Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

MISP Locations within Michigan State Parks

MNSP Locations within Missesota State Parks
MNSU Superior National Forest

MORU Osage County
MOSP Locations within Missouri State Parks

MTGL Glacier National Park
MTNP Locations within Montanna National Parks dlife Refuge,
MTRU Locations in Montanna rural areas

NENP National Parks in Nebraska: Oregon Trail National Historic Trail

NVRU Locations in Nevada rural areas

Locations within Nevada State Parks of Nevada

New Jersey
NJNP National Parks in New Jersey: Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

New Mexico
NMAZ Aztec Ruins National Monument
NMTR Tent Rocks National Monument

North Dakota
NDRU Locations in North Dakota rural areas
NDTR Theodore RooseveltNational Park

N. Carolina
NCBR Blue Ridge Parkway
NCCH Cape Hatteras National Seashore
NCNT Nantahala National Forest
NCRU Locations in North Carolina rural areas

OHSP Locations within Ohio State Parks: Mohican State Park

ORCL Crater Lake National Park
ORCS Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument
ORDE Deschutes National Forest
ORFC Fort Clatsop National Memorial
ORHC Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area
ORJD John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

ORMH Mount Hood National Forest
ORNA National Treasures within Oregon

OROC Ochoco National Forest
ORPT Portland, the Japanese Garden, Washington Park

ORRG Rogue River National Forest
ORRU Locations in Oregon rural areas
ORSC Locations along the Oregon Pacific seacoast

ORSI Siuslaw National Forest
ORSP Locations within Oregon State Parks
ORST Steens Mountain
ORSY Siskiyou National Forest
ORUM Umpqua National Forest
ORWL Willamette National Forest
ORWW Wallowa-Whitman National Fores
ORCG Columbia RIver Gorge National Scenic Area

PAGB Gettysburg National Military Park
PANP National Parks in Pennsylvania: Delaware Water Gap National Refuge Area

Rhode Island
RISC Rhode Island seacoast

South Dakota
SDBH Black Hills National Forest
SDBL Badlands National Park
SDMR Mount Rushmore National Memorial

TNSM Great Smoky Mountains National Park

TXBB Big Bend National Park
TXGC Texas Gulfcoast: Padre Island National Seashore

Texas Historic Sites including: Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion del Socorro Mission
Elizario Presidio Chapel, Fort Davis National Historic Site

TXSP Locations within Texas State Parks: Big Bend Ranch State Natural Area

UTAR Arches National Park
UTBY Bryce National Park
UTCL Canyonlands National Park
UTCR Capitol Reef National Park
UTES Escalante National Monument
UTSP Locations within Utah State Parks

UTZN Zion National Park

VTRU Locations in Vermont rural areas
VTSP Locations within Vermont State Parks

VABR Blue Ridge Parkway
VANP National Parks in Virginia: Manassas National Battlefield Park
VARU Locations in Virginia rural areas
VASH Shenandoah National Park

WACG Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area
WACO Colville National Forest
WADS Dungeness National Wildlife
WAGP Gifford Pinchot National Forest
WAKN Kaniksu National Forest
WAMB Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
WANA Columbia National Wildlife Refuge
WANC North Cascades National Park
WAOF Olympic National Forest
WAOK Okanogan National Forest
WAOL Olympic National Park
WAOY Olympia
WAPL Palouse region of Washington State
WARA Lake Roosevelt National Recreatioin Area

WARL Ross Lake Nat'l Rec
WARU Locations in Washington rural areas
WARV Asotin County
WASC Locations along the Washington Pacific seacoast
WASH Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument


San Juan Islands

WASK Spokane
WASP Locations within Washington state parks

WATC Tacoma
WAVN Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
WAWN Wenatchee National Forest
WARN Mt. Rainier National Park
WAOL Olympic National Park
WAPS Locations within the Puget Sound Basin
WAOL Olympic National Park
WASD Seattle
WASE Seattle

West Virginia
WVRU Locationa in West Virginia rural areas
WVSP locations within state parks of Virginia: Blackwater Falls State Park

WIAI Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
WIBY Madeline Island Bayfield

WICH Chequamegon National Forest
WIDG Douglan County
WIDR Door County
WIHM Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
WIHS Wisonson Historic Sites : Pendarvis Historic Site
WILM Wisconson Lake Michigan shoreline

WILS Wisconson Lake Superior shoreline

WINA Locations within Wisconson state park and natural areas
WIRU Locations in Wisconson rural lareas
WISC St. Croix National Scenic River
WISF Locations within Wisconson State Forests

WISP Locations within Wisconsin State Parks

WYBT Bridger-Teton National Forest
WYNF Shoshone National Forest
WYNP Devil's Tower National Monument
WYRU Locations in Wyoming rural areas
WYTN Grand Teton National Park
WYYS Yellowstone National Park