In Gratitude – An Exhibit at the Lightbox Gallery, Astoria

Santiago, Cuba “A Gift”
Havana, Cuba: “An Offering”

I’m thrilled to announce the acceptance of these two images in an international juried exhibit “In Gratitude” at the Lightbox Photography Gallery in Astoria, Oregon. The exhibit opens November 10th and runs through December 5th and features the work of 23 photographers.

View the Lightbox web page for more information HERE

August 2018

Processing images from my August trip – this is sunrise light on Warrior Peaks from an alpine wildflower meadow. I loved the hike up to this meadow. It was about a 40 minute walk from our camp. The challenge for me was rock hopping with my heavy backpack across a river to get to this location. On this morning the rocks were slick from an overnight rain and both Lori Kincaid and I were in a hurry to cross. In the deeper section of the river we both slipped off one of the rocks and sank up to our shins in cold water. We made it up to the flower meadows. It was beautiful to watch as first light hit the peaks and wet feet didn’t really matter.

Trip to Wind River Range

The Monolith and surrounding cliffs reflected in the Popo Agie River, (pronounced poPO-ja) Wind River Range. One of our best mornings from our horse pack trip in August. We all agreed to hike to this location including our wranglers, Callie and Jim for sunrise. Callie and Beth were kind enough to sit on the pine branch on the right side of this image so it stayed low and didn’t block the grasses and sunrise reflections of the cliff. Always nice to have company while photographing a sunrise. Callie and Jim carried in fixings for a delicious breakfast that they prepared at a nearby campsite. We then hiked on to Papoose Lake located under Monolith. A fabulous day!